The complete information regarding our services you will find on the "Service" page.

  • ANALYSIS and CONSULTING Smartsoft consultants are both well-trained and highly experienced, and that offers your company a competitive edge. They work with IT staff to enhance company operations, becoming proactive players in IT service delivery
  • WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT We’ve built a team of developers specifically for web projects, equipping them with state-of-the-art training and support. Our team is trained on multiple web frameworks and supported by a full complement of I.T. professionals, Graphic Designers, Business Analysts and Technical Support staff..
  • DATABASE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Smartsoft has designed and optimized purpose-built databases for a wide range of clients. We are not dependent on any specific technology, and bring a broad range of competencies to all of our projects – regardless of size. Our teams have unparalleled flexibility to match the best database technology to your needs.
  • BI SOLUTIONS & REPORTING Smartsoft renders business intelligence consulting services. Our BI consulting helps you embrace seamless integration of ETL solutions and data analysis tools with the BI processes and information systems that currently exist in your company.
  • LEGACY INTEGRATION integration with internal or even external systems securely– New software applications with programs and systems you may already have can be tricky to integrate. From forms and accounting to full ERP and E-commerce, we can help you improve your system integration.